Meet Hero, one of our brilliant law enforcement and military dogs

When you read THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED TWICE, you’ll meet Hero, the extraordinary four-legged member of my new maverick investigative team Forensic Instincts. He’s one awesome bloodhound!  He’s also a certified FBI Human Scent Evidence dog, who’s instrumental in working the kidnapping case that’s at the heart of THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED TWICE.  You’ll also see that I dedicated Hero, and my book, to Freddy, who was an FBI Tactical Canine Dog who gave his life in the line of duty.

Freddy, FBI Canine Hero
Freddy, FBI Canine Hero

Freddy was a Belgian Malinois, a beautiful dog who’s the Belgian equivalent of a German Shepherd.  He threw himself in front of a bullet and allowed the FBI to bring down a group of alleged terror suspects in Detroit, Michigan.  He was honored in a special ceremony in Quantico and his name is listed among the other FBI canine heroes.

As a result of all my research, I wasn’t surprised to read several articles that said that a Belgian Malinois was part of the SEAL team that invaded Osama Bin Laden’s compound and assassinated him.  Evidently, the heroic dog was strapped to a Navy SEAL and lowered from a helicopter to the ground, where he did his job along with the rest of the team.

I am SO proud of our heroic military and law enforcement dogs– they’re one more reason to place dogs at the top of the best-of-the-best list!

I can’t wait for you to meet Hero… only 10 more days to go until THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED TWICE hits the bookshelves and e-readers!

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