And the winners are…

Hi all!

Thank you for hanging in there while my computer glitch was fixed.  Hopefully, everything is now back in tip-top working order.

On to the contest results.  As I said previously, you’re all winners!  Your entries were truly inspirational and I loved reading every one.  I’m glad I could choose at random, otherwise I’d still be deciding!

I chose 4 entries, just in case there was a breakdown in communication and I never heard back from one of my selections.  As bad luck would have it, I haven’t heard back from TWO of the entrants who were chosen as “winners”.  I waited as long as I could, but I don’t think it’s fair to the two people who responded to my congratulatory emails ASAP to wait any longer.  So without further ado, the two contest winners (and their entries) who will be receiving autographed copies of THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED TWICE are:

Sarah W. of Chicago, Ill. and Bobbi K. of Wynnewood, PA.

Sarah W.’s entry:

In 2005, I did a 100-mile charity bike ride to raise money for a cure for a genetic condition my mom has. I had never done anything like it, and I was terrified and more nervous than I’d ever been in my life. My mom dropped me off at the airport for my flight to California, and I was shaking I was so scared. I also couldn’t believe how cavalier my mom was being about my whole experience – I had really thought that she would be much more enthusiastic and supportive.

On the morning of the ride, I received a text message from my mom wishing me good luck, but again I felt bad because I didn’t think she was being that supportive – especially because I was raising money for her charity!

I had a really hard time on the ride and was considering quitting…until I pulled into a water stop to see my mom standing there, cheering louder than anyone. She, who is terrified of flying, had left Chicago around 5 am and taken two planes in order to surprise me. She had rented a car, and she then drove along the route to stop and support me. I don’t think I’ve ever felt as guilty as I did for doubting my mom, nor have I ever felt luckier to have such an amazing mom who is also my biggest fan.


Bobbi K.’s entry:

I will never forget this–back when I was in high school I remember one particular Thanksgiving football game my school had and ALL the girls were buying a school sweater the school was selling. The sweater had the school colors and EVERYONE who was ‘popular’ was going to be wearing this sweater and cheering on their team. I wanted SO BADLY to buy the sweater but we couldn’t afford it. I was so disappointed but understood. I woke up the morning of the football game to find a box laying on my bed. My mom had spent the entire 2 days before AND full night before into the morning knitting me a sweater in all the school colors that looked exactly like the one the school was selling–but even nicer, and it was made with LOVE! Of all the things my mom has done for me, and she has done many, this will always remain with me forever. I am 63 yrs old now, and my mom is almost 85 and showing signs of dementia and does not remember many of these things, but she holds a special place in my heart and has made me the good mother I HOPE I have become! :-)


Again, congratulations, and my thanks to each and every one of you who took the time to share your stories with me!